How to Teach Yourself SEO And Make Six Figures Without a College Education

SEO is, well, complicated. To the uninitiated, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a subset of digital marketing that is used to drive traffic from search engines to websites, without paying for ads. Here’s a quick rundown of how it works. That might not sound like a lot of fun on its own, but the [...]

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Joe Around the Web, June Edition

It's been a hot, busy month. Here's just a few of the places I've been around the web: Promoting Contractor Calls Our newest brand, Contractor Calls, is off to a strong start. I've just begun pumping articles out for it, including How SEO Works (The Plain English Version), and have been busy building and promoting sites [...]

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I Started This Blog For a Pretty Terrible Reason

If you're not familiar with how SEO works, here's the gist of it: First you take a website that you want people to find on Google. Generally you'll make money if the right people visit, either because you're running ads or because you're selling something. Maybe you run a site called "Joe's Sprocket Emporium." Next you [...]

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