It’s been a hot, busy month. Here’s just a few of the places I’ve been around the web:

Promoting Contractor Calls

Our newest brand, Contractor Calls, is off to a strong start. I’ve just begun pumping articles out for it, including How SEO Works (The Plain English Version), and have been busy building and promoting sites for our newest clients, AIM Building Services and AquaFlo Sprinklers of New York. The biggest challenge out of all that so far has been trying to come up with blog posts that fit an extremely narrow focus (marketing topics for contractor service companies that haven’t already been done to death), but I’ve got at least ten more posts already in the hopper.

Getting Quoted

This month I contributed to blogs on LogoJoy and Future of Everything, through a couple of HARO replies.

Building the Air Conditioning Appreciation Days Site

After building a site for The Internet Day a few years ago, I built a site for the Air Conditioning Appreciation Days to generate more awareness and footprint in the HVAC sector. My hope is that it will drive a few potential clients back to Contractor Calls–or at least generate a few good links along the way.


I’ve had a suspicion for a while that elotes were going to be the next big food fad, so I went ahead and bought If I find the time I want to build it out and promote it a little, so I can eventually sell it off.

Buying Ethereum

If I bought into Ethereum when Colin first tried to sell me on it, I’d be popping champagne right now. Instead a new round of signups on Gemini Trust made my signup a lot slower than expected, but I finally got in…right before the price pulled back.

While there are a lot of smart people betting against Ethereum, I think that it could be one of the biggest beneficiaries of a stock market correction, largely playing the role that gold enjoyed during the 08 crash. Add in all of the implications for serial entrepreneurs and prospectors, its role in the ICO market, and people in underdeveloped countries looking for a new way to store wealth, and I think chances are good that Ethereum prices will be strong in the long term.

Fixing this Site Up

I still want to do more with this site, but at least I had a chance to switch it to a pretty damn good theme.